Plant nutrition with humic effect

High quality nutritional solutions for grass and cultivation, with natural humus substances.

Our Mission is healthy soils are a cornerstone to all ecosystems on earth. We want to become the leading company in restoring the farmland humus layer. The use of our products and know how shall restore soil health, provide higher yields, more nutritious crops and reduce the dependency of chemical fertilizers and water irrigation by 50 %.

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Humic based fertilizer

Humic acid improves the soil and also makes the nutrients more accessible to the plants.

Fulvic acid

The fulvic acid’s molecule has the ability to chelate (bind to) minerals and nutrients so that they are more easily absorbed by the cells of the plants.

The effects of humic acids

A more porous soil with a greater ability to bind water, more readily available nutrients and an increased nutrient uptake of the plant cells together give a great effect on cultivation.

Increases your crop

Our fertilizer increases the crop and makes stronger plants. This has been proven over and over again by our customers.