Restoring soil fertility

Healthy soils are the cornerstone of all ecosystems on earth. At Ecofarma, we produce high quality nutritional solutions and other applications for a variety of crops, using nature’s own humic and fulvic acids.

  • Humic acids improve the soil by stimulating microbial activity and increasing the accessibility of nutrients for plants.

  • Fulvic acids enable minerals and nutrients to bind (chelate), making it easier for the plant cells to absorb them.

  • Ecofarma products increase plants’ resistance to stress which can result in higher yields and longer shelf life.

”Our motivation is to help farmers increase their productivity by lowering their dependence on pesticides, chemical fertilisers, excessive irrigation and too intense tillage. Therefore we have developed products which will restore soil health, resulting in improved quality of crops through more sustainable production practices.”

Peter JohanssonCEO, EcoFarma
About us

Unique and powerful

Ecofarma is a biotech company with production facilities based in South Africa and headquartered in Sweden.

We primarily focus on research, development and industrial manufacturing of humic and fulvic acid products for the agricultural sector and offer a broad range of high quality soil conditioners, plant nutrition and livestock nutrition liquids.

Thanks to our environmentally friendly, patented production process and uniquely rich raw material, we can offer products with particularly powerful humic and fulvic acids.

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Environmental and economic benefits

Carbon footprint

Restoring soil productivity would have the single most significant impact on the carbon footprint on a global scale. A long term use of humic and fulvic acids has potential to lower greenhouse gases.

Economic benefits

Humic and fulvic acids’ attributes result in physical, chemical and biological benefits in soils, which in turn translate to ecological and economic benefits.

Improved CEC

Soil productivity is defined by its Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). All soils with high CEC are rich in humic and fulvic acids which improve e.g. the oxygen content and water holding capacity.

Why we do this

Farmlands are being depleted of carbon and organic matter which are crucial for healthy soils. Ecofarma focuses on providing products based on humic and fulvic acids to assist sustainable soil restoration.