Grass nutrition with the humic effect

Greener grass, stronger roots and denser lawn.
Improves soil and reduces irrigation needs.

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Plant nutrition with humic effect

High quality nutritional solutions for grass and
cultivation, with natural humus substances.

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Our re-sellers

We are very proud to announce we are available in the largest retailers in our bransch in Scandinavia. In Sweden you find our products at Granngården and in Norway we are available in the Felleskjøpets stores. Don’t hesitate to visit them and buy your fertilizer today.

EcoFarma at Granngården

EcoFarma at Felleskjøpet

Fertilizer with the humic effect

We deliver high-quality fertilizer the concentrated humic and fulvic acid – natures own biostimulants.

We develop fertilizers with very high biocemical activity out of South African coal with a patented and environmentally friendly enrichment process. Our process, in addition to the quality of our raw material and the fact that we have over 30 years of experience developing humic based solutions, makes us a unique parter on the global market.

EcoFarma Grass fertilizer

A grass fertilizer giving your greener grass, stronger plats and a more compact lawn.

EcoFarma Moss

An effective and fast solution for your lawn if you have problems with moss. It also makes your grass greener and stronger and a long term protection against moss.

EcoFarma Hebs & Green Plants

A soil fertilizer improving the quality of your soil giving you stronger plats, greener and stronger leafs.

Humic acid

Humic acid betters the soil and makes the nutrients more accessible for the plats.

Fulvic acid

The molecule of the fulvic acid have the ability of chelating minerals and nutrients in order to be much more accessible by the cells of the plats.

The effects of the humic acids.

A porous soil with greater ability to bind water, more easily accessible nutrients and increased nutrient uptake at the plant cells together give a great effect in cultivation.

Om oss

Ecofarma develops various nutrients and fertilizers based on humus and fulvic acid.

We have two main product families, the Humate family and the Fulvic family.

The Humate family is products that combine salts of humic acid and plant nutrition, while the Fulvic family combines fulvic acid and plant nutrition.

For growers who want to try the effects of the acids without changing their fertilizer program, we also offer a product, ProGrow Fullspec, which is a mixture of concentrated humus and fulvic acid.


Detta säger våra kunder

“Very nice and quick pickup of grass growth. During the rest of the season there were no dry spots on this green.”

Henrik Larsson, Kungsbacka Golf club

The grass plants were better and the greens were healthier. This year we also got rid of dry spots that had previously been a problem. In addition, we did not need to use any wetting agent.

Lars Persson, Göteborgs Golf club