About us.

Ecofarma develops various nutrients and fertilizers based on humus and fulvic acid.

The development takes place in close collaboration with South African agronomist Fred Cunningham, who has more than 30 years of experience in field work and research into the positive effects of humus substances in agriculture and agriculture.

Ecofarma’s founder and CEO Peter Johansson lived 10 years in South Africa. When he came to know Fred and saw the effect the humic and fulvic acids have on cultivation, he decided to move home to Sweden and started Ecofarma to develop the use of humic and fulvic acids in a broader way. Ecofarma’s products enable growers to create a fertile and biologically highly active cropland capable of receiving, binding, transforming and making available more nutrients for the plants. This in turn creates conditions for more profitable and more environmentally friendly cultivation. The humic and fulvic acids we use are enriched in an environmentally friendly and patented process, from certain South African coal sources. Both the raw material and the enrichment method allow us to extract highly active humic and fulvic acids with higher biochemical capacity than the humus products derived from younger oxidized carbon. Our goal is to make high quality humus products available for the broad masses and in turn generate a sustainable crop at very competitive prices. Our products will reduce the total cost for growers, providing better harvest and significantly lower nutrient leakage.

We have two main product families, the Humate family and the Fulvic family.

The Humate family is products that combine salts of humic acid and plant nutrition, while the Fulvic family combines fulvic acid and plant nutrition.

For growers who want to try the effects of the acids without changing their fertilizer program, we also offer a product, ProGrow Fullspec, which is a mixture of concentrated humus and fulvic acid.

Some of our customer references.

In South Africa, the products are getting a big impact and are used in cultivation, golf and also at national sports arenas, including the venues used in the World Cup. Since its inception in Sweden in 2014, 25 golf courses have begun to use our products, such as Göteborgs Golfklubb, Vallda Golf & Country Club and Tylösands GK. We are currently collaborating with growers field tests on strawberries, potatoes and baby leaf in collaboration with the Swedish Household Society and Växa, to verify that the positive effects achieved in South Africa also apply to Swedish soil and climate.