Greener grass, stronger roots and denser lawn.

Grass nutrition with humic effect containing all nutrients the grass needs.

EcoFarma Grass nutrition is a very effective both short and long-term fertilizer for all types of grass areas. Apply EcoFarma fertilizer DKP first Week and EcoFarma Grass fertilizer U-Cal the second week to give your lawn optimal long-term fertilizer.

  • Contains all essential macro and micronutrients the grass needs.
  • Quick-connecting to garden hose
  • 1-2 treatments per season based on needs
  • 2-week program: The DKP bottle one week and the U-Cal bottle the second week.
  • Sufficient for approximately 500 sqm lawn
  • Contains both humic (DKP bottle) and fulvic acid (U-Cal bottle).

Easy to spread!
Attach the nozzle to your garden hose. Ensure even distribution.

How to use it:

  1. Spread out EcoFarma Grass fertilizer DKP 1st week
    Attach the nozzle to your garden hose. Ensure even distribution.
    Wait a week and then spread the second time.
  2. EcoFarma Grass fertilizer U-CAL 2nd week.
    Attach the nozzle to your garden hose. Ensure even distribution.
  3. Contine the every other week process for 5 weeks.
    We recommend two treatments per year.

Organic and chemical composition

Lawns, golfgreener, tees and grassy sports and sports grounds

Decomposition: Direct
Time to effect: 2 – 3 weeks
Working time: 3 – 5 weeks
* Depending on factors in the direct environment. Application also has a long-term effect and affects the ground positively.


4% Phosphorus (P)
18% potassium (K)
50% human salts and humus particles
(15% active)

The product primarily increases phosphorus availability in the soil with 1.5-2 times and potassium availability by 2-2.5 grams.

27% Nitrogen (N)
10% Calcium (Ca)
9-12% Fulvic acid
Recommended dose: 40-60 l / 10 000 m2

Sizes: 20L, 200L, 1000L

Access / m2: 2 – 10ml / m.

Protect from heat, fire and sparks. Should be kept far from food and drink. In order to maintain the quality, keep the product away from direct sunlight, store in dry conditions. opened packages should be undone well. Store in a temperature between 0-40 ° C.

Detailed specifications regarding handling, health and safety are available upon request and shipped with the product.

Humic acid improves soil and also makes nutrients more accessible to plants. When adding humic acid, the ability of microbes to break down and mineralize organic matter increases greatly.

The humic acid also enhances the earth’s cation exchange effect and reacts with positively charged mineral ions, thus forming organic complexes. It creates a much more porous soil structure with a positive impact on the root environment, while the soil’s ability to absorb water increases sharply.

The molecule of the fulvic acid has the ability to chelate (bind to) minerals and nutrients so that they are more easily absorbed by the cells of the plants. Growth’s ability to absorb nutrition increases sharply while nutritional turnover and photosynthesis become more active, allowing plants to grow at lower temperatures and in weaker sunlight.

The follaric acid also has a biochemical neutralizing / buffering effect on the soil pH.

A porous soil with greater ability to bind water, more easily accessible nutrients and increased nutrient uptake at the plant cells together give a great effect in cultivation.

  • Harvest increases by 15-30%
  • The amount of fertilizer can be reduced by 30-50%
  • Reduced irrigation needs, up to 50%
  • A better utilization of nutrients, which in turn reduces the risk of nutrient leakage in watercourses