EcoFarma Fuldex Greencare F

A liquid carbon extract that contains Fulvicacids and Potassium phosphite.


Fuldex Greencare F must be applied as recommended for crop requirements to enhance nutrient uptake. Can be applied through irrigation or foliar spraying. 25 L/ha depending on crop requirements. 0,5-1% solution as a foliar feed.


Must be applied on its own. Do notmix with any pesticides.

Known attributes *:

Excellent source of Phosphate (P) andPotassium (K). Outstanding chelating agent for cations in soils. Improves the soil structure. Enhances the bioavailability of nutrients to plants. Acts as a transporter of nutrients. Creates the ideal environment for soil organisms. Reduces the leaching of nutrients. Stimulates microbial action.

*Obtained from published scientific research papers and other public sources.

Product information

  • Fertilizer Group lll
  • 87
  • Act 36 1947


  • Fulvic Acid: 6,0%
  • Carbon: 6,3%
  • P: 89,6 g/L K: 128,1 g/L
  • Zn: 1,4 g/L ; Cu: 1,3 g/L
  • pH: 5,2
  • SG: 1,211


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