High value products for long term sustainability

Ecofarma is a biotech company, developing and manufacturing various humic and fulvic acid based products. They enable growers to create a fertile and biologically active cropland in a sustainable and profitable way.

The humic and fulvic acids we use, are enriched in an environmentally friendly and patented process, using specific South African coal sources.

Coal is an organic material, formed by dead plants and animal matter. We use a very old coal with high carbon content. This –  together with our enrichment method – allow us to extract highly active humic and fulvic acids, with higher biochemical capacity than acids derived from younger coal.

Our production is primarily aimed at the agricultural sector and we focus on research, development and industrial manufacturing of different kinds of soil conditioners, plant nutrition and livestock nutrition liquids at very competitive prices. 

The soil conditioners and plant nutrition boost the plants ability to absorb more nutrients, they improve the soils water-holding capacity and they improve the harvests. The livestock products enhance the uptake of nutrients and stimulate the immune system in animals.

Our motivation is to assist farmers increase their productivity without contributing to soil degradation, says CEO Peter Johansson. 


Why we are unique

  • Humic and fulvic acids are nothing new, many companies in many parts of the world have been manufacturing these organic acids for decades.
  • But Ecofarma uses a unique, patented production method which provides highly concentrated humic and fulvic acids, giving an extra high energy value to the soil.
  • Ecofarma’s production method also results in purer products with smaller particles which prevent blockages in the irrigation filter systems.
  • We are analysing each shipment of our top quality raw material and that way we can keep an even concentration level in all our products.

Ecofarma has embarked on a focused industrialisation process which involves increasing installed capacity, improving efficiencies in production and implementing and improving quality assurance methodologies including Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and working towards ISO 9000 and ISO 14 000 certifications.

Our facilities have been certified as compliant to GMP by Afri Compliance.

Our production plant is located in Pretoria, South Africa. We place a very high emphasis on compliance with all regulations – legal, H & S and environmental. Management and staff are dedicated to continued innovation to improve and refine production processes.


From nature to nature

We at Ecofarma extract our humic and fulvic acids from a very specific South African coal source with a very high vitrinite content. The primary reason for us to use vitrinite is because of its composition, carbon content, consistency in quality and availability.

Vitrinite is one of the main components of coals. It is a type of maceral (organic components of coal), obtained from the plants’ cell-wall material from which coal was formed.

We have analysed different coal resources in South Africa and identified a few where the coal’s vitrinite content is as high as around 90%. This can be compared to for example brown coal which has only around 50 % vitrinite.

By using this coal we are able to deliver uniquely powerful humic and fulvic acids with specific attributes that differentiates it from other sources.

Coal and pollution

In modern society, coal is often associated with carbon dioxide emissions and environmental degradation. Especially combustion of coal which is mainly used to produce electricity and heating. 

And yes, coal combustion is the single largest source of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide but coal in itself does not destroy the environment. It’s an organic material, formed by dead plants and animal matter in a process that’s taken hundreds of millions of years.

-We can use coal to restore the earth, says CEO Peter Johansson. You could say that we are moving this basically organic product from one part of the nature to another.